Every six years Council reviews its Local Alcohol Policy. This year we have upped the ante by combining this review with the review of the Alcohol Control Bylaw and the introduction of an Alcohol Fees Bylaw.

The Local Alcohol Policy helps the community have a say on who can sell alcohol, how and where, by guiding licensing decisions. The Alcohol Control Bylaw sets out where drinking alcohol in a public area is not allowed. The Alcohol Fees Bylaw manages the fees associated with getting an appropriate alcohol related licence.

We have done this to make it easier for people to have their say on all the alcohol rules at the same time in our district. A lot is happening so watch this space!

Where we are up to in the process

Right now, we are pulling together a draft Local Alcohol Policy, Alcohol Control Bylaw and Alcohol Fees Bylaw.

We have already gathered research on people’s drinking behaviours in Waipā. We’ve also gathered feedback from those who deal with the Policy directly (like the police), and those who are most impacted by it (like those who run bars or sell alcohol).

We have also completed early engagement with the community and licence holders so the community views are better reflected in the Local Alcohol Policy.

Have your say!

Thank you to those who had your say, the engagement period has now closed. Your feedback will help guide the Draft Local Alcohol Policy which will be out for consultation along with the Draft Alochol Control Bylaw and Alcohol Fees Bylaw August/September 2024.

Local Alcohol Policy webinar for on and off-licence holders.

Local Alcohol Policy webinar for club and special licence holders