The purpose of this survey is to help Council understand how the community and specific groups use the halls/facilities in Pirongia.

The village is home to the Pirongia Memorial Hall on Franklin Street, Chapel and Youth Hall on Crozier Street and Pirongia Rugby Sports on Kane Street. Each hall/facility has its own identity and levels of service.

We want to understand more about how the community, and visitors, use the community halls/facilities in Pirongia so we can prepare for the future. Our objective is to identify the optimal community building facilities solution that aligns with the community outcomes of the Ahu Ake Waipā Community Spatial Plan and best meets the needs of the Pirongia community, all while being financially responsible.

Pirongia halls map


To help us plan for the future, we wanted to know if the current Pirongia community halls are fit for purpose, how they are used now and what the community wants from these spaces in years to come.

Pirongia Memorial Hall, 997 Franklin Street

The site sits on 0.24ha. The land is flat with hall covering over half of the site, with the balance being an open grassed field.

This Hall opened in 1922 by the local community. It’s a dual-purpose space, being a war memorial and community space. It was historically maintained and upgraded by the Pirongia Domain Board and the local community until the local government reorganisation in 1989.

This single level Hall has a floor area of approximately 435m² which accommodates a small mezzanine area at the entry above two storage rooms, main hall, stage, bathrooms, dining room and kitchen at the rear of the building.

Pirongia Memorial Hall floor plan

Pirongia Memorial Hall floor plan

Chapel and Youth Hall, 574 Crozier Street

The site is flat, with the hall occupying most of the 0.12ha land. The Pirongia Community Centre and Chapel (the Chapel) is located on the western boundary and the Methodist Youth Hall (Youth Hall) situated in the middle of the site.

The property is leased to the Pirongia Residents and Ratepayers Association for the purpose of a community hall. The lease expires in 2024. The lessee is responsible for the maintenance of the buildings (other than structural maintenance) and land. The rent is a nominal sum in accordance with Council’s community leasing policy. The spaces were built in 1991.

​Chapel and Youth Hall​ floor plan:

Pirongia Rugby and Sports Centre, 2 Kane Street

This property covers 0.4ha. Council manages the reserve, but the fee simple title remains with the Crown. Pursuant to a lease with the Crown from 1994, the Pirongia Sports and Recreation Centre Incorporated was permitted to construct the building for the purpose of a sports centre and clubrooms.

The Sports Hall is a multi-use facility which accommodates the Pirongia Rugby Sports Club, Bowling Club, Tennis and Squash Club and other sporting codes. The Sports Hall is a large two-storey commercial building bordered by parking, bowling green, sports fields and tennis/netball courts.

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